From Hell

You don't agree...But you don't refuse...

Your Eyes Spell An Odd Word...
15 April
I enjoy art of all kinds. I love to interpret a painting into my own thoughts, as well as a poem. I'm very odd, and I have very odd views. I find the things that most would think to be grotesque to be beautiful, and the things people would find to be random to be right at home. I have an obsession with viruses, zombies, vampires, and the human mind. I want to go for psychology, to help people. The band My Chemical Romance has saved my life more times then I can count. They have taught me to love myself, and to keep on living no matter what turmoil I face. And I would love more than anything to touch someone's life like they have touched mine. I would love to be in a band and make music like they do, that is my ultimate dream, but, sadly, everyone I know says I can't sing to save my life, so I want to help people with the talent I have been given, by giving advice.

I got my moods from Random_Panic on Photobucket.